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Senior Marketing Strategist

POSITION SUMMARY: The Sr. Marketing Strategist is responsible for the strategic planning and orchestration of highly effective direct mail campaigns, bearing ultimate responsibility for Client performance, satisfaction, and profitability. 



  • Develop annual direct mail budgets / forecasts on behalf of key clients to set expectations and secure appropriate budget for the channel.
  • Maintain a comprehensive Test Roadmap for each client outlining and prioritizing key test opportunities across list, offer, creative and digital variables.
  • Design monthly campaign matrices and defend their strategic design, objectives, and role in the overall narrative of channel scale/optimization, ultimately securing campaign/budget approval via a signed Statement of Work (or equivalent).
  • Serve as the primary liaison between the Client and SeQuel’s Data and Analytics department, effectively articulating list procurement, modeling, data processing and analytics capabilities and procedures.
  • Ingest matchback performance data and prepare client-facing dashboards and deliver presentations complete with digestible highlights, takeaways, and recommendations for future campaigns.
  • Build and present/co-present PowerPoint decks for kick-off calls, preliminary snapshot presentations, campaign analytics, business reviews, and various ad-hoc needs to professionally advance a client’s campaign, performance, understanding or satisfaction.
  • Provide creative guidance and serve as a value-added contributor to creative strategy and review.
  • Host and/or participate in various internal team meetings to keep all departments synced on client status, plans, open-items, to-dos, challenges, performance, etc.
  • Confidently and diplomatically address any campaign quality or performance issues, leveraging SeQuel’s values as a guide to communication and remediation.
  • Prepare accurate and detailed invoice support docs to equip Finance and Senior Leadership Team with KPIs to analyze and advance the agency.
  • Consistently achieve client-specific, personal and company budget goals; with consistent year-over-year increases in each.
  • Embrace and deliver on specific company growth initiatives.
  • Emulate CLASS Communication and personify SeQuel values.


  • Assist in the sales process by building test plans/budgets/ramps and persuasively presenting them to prospects with confidence.
  • Continuing education on position-specific topics including marketing strategy, analysis, presentation, persuasion, etc.
  • Accurate annual budgeting and monthly reforecasting by client, to aide in SeQuel capacity planning and goal creation.
  • Complete any duties/responsibilities deemed appropriate by the senior management team.


  • Achieve Client test/campaign success ratios (from test to back test to rollout) that meet or exceed SeQuel historical benchmarks and/or new standards.
  • Consistently deliver performance improvement of Client campaigns; driving scale and/or optimization based on Client objectives.
  • Sustain Client retention rates that meet or exceed SeQuel historical benchmarks and/or new standards.
  • Ensure high levels of qualitative Client satisfaction; especially in regard to Strategy and Analytics.
  • Steadily and profitably grow your Client base’s contribution to SeQuel’s overall revenue, maintaining a consistent and meaningful upward trajectory. 


  • Education:
      • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Communication or related field, or equivalent experience
  • Experience:
      • 5+ years Account Executive experience in an Agency setting successfully juggling the objectives of multiple clients each with 7-figure annual marketing budgets
  • Other:
      • Alignment with SeQuel’s Purpose & Values
      • Self-starter/strong initiative
      • Confident, effective communicator
      • Organized, prepared and intentional
      • Compelling and persuasive
      • Strong relationship builder
      • Highly accountable and reliable
      • Positive, upbeat and energetic attitude
      • Analytical thinker with a keen ability to problem solve
      • Skilled in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
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