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The Challenge

A reputable home warranty brand was eager to diversify digital advertising performance with a new targeting approach. SeQuel proposed a test comparing standard online targeting segments with offline-based audience models.

How We Helped

Using ProspeQtor™ as a multi-channel prospecting strategy, offline models were activated online through a deterministic identity graph. The brand’s top prospects received branded direct response advertisements, while the SeQuel team closely monitored, optimized, analyzed, and reported on campaign performance of both data sources. The cost per lead was 25% lower for offline audiences compared to online audiences, with similar purchase rates. The efficiency of the offline models in this parallel environment validates the impact rigorous data cleansing practices have on the quality and precision of audience targeting, versus a standard online audience that is prone to waste and inaccuracies. SeQuel’s expertise in developing high-performing data models, coupled with the opportunity for a head-to-head experimental design, has positioned the brand for sustainable success and exponential growth.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"This test showcased the difference our prospect modeling makes in delivering strong performances, regardless of marketing channel. We’ve seen the impact propensity modeling has in direct mail and now applying it to addressable digital channels has opened up new avenues for this brand to reach high-affinity prospects. The key in this test was being able to show performance lift vs. holdouts that resolve any ambiguity around the incrementality that this strategy can deliver."
- Angelo Licursi, Senior Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response
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Offline audiences had a 25% lower cost per lead than online audiences
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Three new digital channels activated
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The differences are statistically significant at a 99% confidence level