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The Challenge

After relying on digital marketing channels for initial brand growth, this streaming service wanted to expand brand awareness and reach their untapped audience, offline.

How We Helped

Through data partnerships and comprehensive analytics, SeQuel was able to append a physical address from the streaming brand’s customer email addresses to build highly targeted prospect lookalike models. Although the campaign launched in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, the data-driven strategy succeeded in bolstering the brand’s consumer activity and customer acquisition. The initial test achieved a rollout CPA of $37 – well within the brand’s objective – and set the streaming service up to optimize the performance of future campaigns.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"The success of this campaign speaks to our unique ability to not only match physical address to email address, but the intelligence of our sophisticated machine learning and gradient boosting for optimal predictive modeling. This original practice will discover new and quality potential customers to deliver an increase in program performance and ROI."
- James Fussy, VP of Data & Analytics, SeQuel Response
Ecommerce Growth
0 + new subscribers
Acquired 1,550+ new subscribers during test
Revenue Decrease Arrow
$ 0  CPA
Achieved campaign's goal CPA of <$50
Piggy Bank
0 % sales rate
Campaign produced a sales rate of 1.44%