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The Challenge

A leading financial services company was eager to convert more of its leads into sales across marketing channels.

How We Helped

The original retargeting program was simple. Once a lead came in, they were targeted by the call center for a week before being abandoned. The company was already experiencing great results from direct mail for acquisition campaigns, so SeQuel recommended rejuvenating its retargeting strategy with a mail piece. After the initial test of the leads database showed terrific performance, SeQuel launched SparQ. The weekly SparQ mailing targeted the newest CRM leads with an over-sized postcard. This timely mailer arrived in mailboxes during the valuable decision-making phase, igniting the company’s retargeting strategy to improve conversions while lowering CPAs.

Marketing Funnel
0 x
SparQ retargeting campaign achieved 63x ROI
Piggy Bank
0 x lower CPA
SparQ produced CPA 10x lower than acquisition mail
Hourglass Money
$ 0 M+ in revenue
SparQ generated millions in additional revenue each month
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"SparQ has allowed this client to maximize the performance of an already rich data set: leads. By mailing these records weekly, we are getting in front of the consumer when they are most likely to buy. The lower cost, coupled with speed to market, has made SparQ a homerun for our clients."
- Patrick Carroll, Senior Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response