Important COVID-19 announcement from Jay Carroll, Co-Founder and CEO of SeQuel Response

Along with the rest of the world, we have been keeping a close pulse on the developing news and safety practices surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Specifically, we are focused on keeping our employees, families, clients and vendors safe, while ensuring we have the resources and plans in place to keep our clients’ campaigns running uninterrupted. We wanted to take just a minute to share these safeguards with you.
Our business continuity plan, which includes specific guidelines for a pandemic outbreak, ensures our clients will not experience any disruptions in daily business operations. We have been in contact with our key vendors and are confident that their contingency plans will not impact our ability to provide continuous service. Our extended supply chains are sufficiently robust and flexible to confirm we will receive the materials we need to meet our projected demands. Furthermore, we have numerous suppliers in cities across the country, therefore plenty of production capacity is available for SeQuel and our clients.  
In addition, our employees have all been carefully instructed about wellness best practices according to the CDC and have been asked to stay home if they or a family member are feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms. Every SeQuel employee is also equipped to work remotely, and our array of communication tools will allow us to do so seamlessly.
As we navigate this time of unprecedented uncertainty together, I want to assure you that our team is 100% committed to achieving the goals of protecting everyone while maintaining exemplary service to our customers. On behalf of SeQuel Response, we wish you, your family and your employees good health and safety in the days and weeks ahead. We will continue to actively monitor this situation and notify you immediately of any necessary updates. 
Jay T. Carroll