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Direct mail and digital - better together

If your offline and online channels aren’t working together, then they aren’t really working for you. By aligning your efforts and reaching your best prospects across multiple media, we’ll help you cut through clutter and quickly boost performance.

All the right touchpoints at all the right times

Some brands dump their entire budget into digital. Others run isolated offline and online campaigns with no clue what the other is doing. Both approaches result in scary amounts of missed opportunities and wasted marketing dollars.

Imagine running a seamless campaign where you’re always in front of your prospects with a timely touch that encourages them to engage with your brand. We call that SeQuel Surround, and it’s proven to significantly boost your response and reduce your acquisition costs.

We take your best customers and build a precise lookalike model with rich terrestrial data, then we activate that model in online channels. With the right prospects at the core, we’ll reach them with a systematic sequence of messages that cuts through clutter and boosts the likelihood that those ideal customers take note.

A SeQuel Surround touch sequence in action:

Integrated Marketing 2 - Circle Icon

Touch 1

Prospect sees a display ad for your product on a news site
Facebook Circle Icon

Touch 2

Later that day, the prospect sees a Facebook ad with the same offer and messaging
Mail Circle Icon

Touch 3

A few days later, the prospect receives a direct mail offer for your product
Email - Circle Icon

Touch 4

The next day, the prospect receives an email offer for your product
Integrated Marketing - Circle Icon

Touch 5

Over the weekend, the prospect sees that same direct mail piece again and calls to sign up
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With our powers combined...

Direct mail works. Digital works. When operating in harmony, your channels work a lot better for you and your customers. Here’s what you can do with SeQuel Surround: 

  • Touch your best prospects more frequently
  • Align campaigns to improve conversion tracking and prevent waste
  • Improve targeting and run more efficient campaigns
  • Create unified messages that promote engagement
  • Reduce internal work and confusion with fewer reports and more streamlined efforts
  • Scale faster and exceed your business goals
  • Focus on your overall ROI rather than dealing with internal channel conflict/competition

Contact us today for an integrated campaign that will drive exceptional growth.

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