LifeLock’s direct marketing puts a positive face forward

Source: Target Marketing

It can be hard to convince a prospect that the service you’re offering them is worth it. But when you can immediately offer peace of mind with your direct mail, why not make it really obvious?

Mailer Name: LifeLock
Date Mailed: October 2015

Some direct mail packages mailed by LifeLock, an identity protection service, are a little guarded in their marketing. A closed face outer envelope with a single bit of teaser copy: “Enrollment Card and Information Enclosed,” a 2-page letter inside, and that’s it.

This mailing, though, shows a different face to the customer, presenting itself as an “OFFICIAL WELCOME KIT.” Below that heading is the good news: “Your Membership with LifeLock begins as soon as you call!”

An extra window sweetens the deal, showing a peel-off sticker that’s spot-glued to the letter inside. According to the copy underneath it, it’s supposed to ward off would-be thieves.

But it’s more than a warning. It’s a psychological boost to the customer’s well-being, much like the reflective decal AAA includes in its direct mail to reassure new members that their protection has immediately taken effect.

Another lift that helps the customer make the call is a buck slip that breaks out three testimonials that are taken from the company’s website. Their words are the same as in the closed-face package, but the point is made stronger: “They’re a lot like you.”  Also, on the other package’s letter, they’re black-and-white screenshots. Here, they’re in four-color.

The other side of the slip illustrates a typical ID alert, and repeats the call-to-action.

The Takeaway
If you can, try two different overall approaches — one simple, one elaborate — but with most of the same materials and for the exact same offer.