Quarterly Direct Mail Trends Report: Q3 2020

Although the latest direct mail trends show total mail volume is down 1% from Q2 2020, six out of ten of the tracked industries have increased mail spend in the third quarter, signaling a modest hint to channel recovery from the initial pandemic influence earlier this year.

Retail/consumer services mail is up both this quarter and year-over-year, as DTC marketers increase efforts to connect with at-home populations. Financial and healthcare services as well as home and entertainment products are continuing to mail regularly. We’ve also seen an increase in winback, cross sell and upsell messaging as brands work to maintain their customer base and budgets. QR code usage has doubled in the last quarter, bridging the gap between physical and digital messaging, and encouraging longer, more meaningful interactions with the mail piece. 

“The pandemic’s impact on mail volumes persisted into Q3, compressing our initial hope of Q2 being a mere blip on the radar. While it is hard to consider Q2 and Q3 volumes holding steady as significant, it is a building block on the road to channel recovery. Mail sentiment across our client base continues to improve, and that is manifesting in higher quarter-over-quarter growth for most industries. As brands turn their focus to 2021 budgeting, we remain optimistic for a slow but steady return to normalcy for direct mail volumes across the board.”

The infographic below shares additional information on Q3 2020 direct mail trends and performance, and the state of direct mail during COVID-19.

Direct Mail Trends Q3 2020