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Direct mail automation for smart and savvy marketers

With SparQ™ by SeQuel Response, you can produce direct mail marketing campaigns in minutes. Our easy-to-use, online platform allows you to create, print, mail, and track your direct mail campaigns. Integrate SparQ with your CRM or Marketing Automation tool to drive triggered direct mail to complement your email and digital marketing throughout the customer journey — making a lasting impression with your most engaged audience. Get your FREE SparQ account to experience the impact of automated direct mail.
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Creating a direct mail piece on SparQ

Drag, drop, and send personalized direct mail in minutes. Not weeks.

Developing an automated direct mail campaign has never been smoother. Our do-it-yourself platform guides you step-by-step to ensure a successful mailing for your growing brand.

  • Upload or import your mailing list directly from your CRM or Marketing Automation tool.
  • Design, proof and organize templates with the Direct Mail Editor.
  • Incorporate PURLs and QR codes to turn leads into customers.
  • Send campaigns intelligently via our high-speed print and mail partners.
  • Track the delivery and response status of each mail piece you send in your campaign dashboards.
  • No subscriptions, no minimum values, and pre-pay options to save.

It really is that simple. Get started with your FREE SparQ account today.

Fast. Integrated. Measurable. Accurate. What are you waiting for?

Direct mail automation
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Send automated direct mail in record time - SparQ’s all-in-one tool cuts the time it takes to generate a direct mail campaign from weeks to minutes.
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Integrate with your tech stack, just like digital channels - Leverage your CRM, Marketing Automation, E-commerce and other software to drive automated and triggered print campaigns. Combine direct mail with your email and digital marketing for maximum ROI with minimum effort.
Track delivery and response: no more guessing - Real-time campaign dashboards keep you updated on exactly where your mail is in the delivery process. Patented response tracking tells you who is responding.
Filter out bad addresses to make every dime count - Easy list importing scrubs your addresses by checking USPS databases before you send. Import unlimited lists from all your sources, including events, tradeshows, conferences, salespeople, and data vendors.
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Automated direct mail has never been so easy

SparQ has changed the way marketers are sending triggered direct mail, for the better. Watch this short video to learn more about SparQ’s all-in-one platform, and how you can start sending high impact direct mail to your best audiences, in minutes.
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We are a multichannel customer-acquisition agency that gives direct-to-consumer brands a faster way to maximize growth and profitability. With decades of experience and an encyclopedic archive of test findings, we know what works—and what doesn’t—so you don’t have to waste time or money learning those same lessons.

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