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Why SeQuel Response

Recognized as one of the best direct mail companies and direct response agencies in the industry, we go beyond simply making direct response marketing work. With our data-driven approach, we push your campaigns to the limit, enabling you to optimize performance and surpass your growth expectations. Our proprietary testing methodology and sophisticated modeling techniques help you make informed decisions on how to allocate your budget for maximum returns on investment.

Is Direct Mail Right for You?

Is direct mail right for your brand, right now? Follow our automated guide to tell us a little about your product or services and existing direct mail advertising costs. We’ll use the information to predict your customer LTV and direct mail pricing to find you the most profitable way to launch into mailboxes with SeQuel.

Boost Performance With an Integrated Digital & Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

SeQuel Surround™ is a digital enhancement to your direct mail program that optimizes your campaign impact and lifts your response rates. By leveraging the lookalike models that were built with your direct mail data, we present your ideal customers with synchronized digital touchpoints across the online platforms they naturally interact with each day.

Exponential Growth is our Expectation

We’re confident our tailored direct mail campaigns can propel your business, regardless of your industry. Explore our case studies and direct mail advertising examples below to see how we’ve helped hundreds of clients enter direct mail, break through a performance plateau, and achieve exponential growth.

Smarter Testing Strategies. More Conversions — For Less.

Discover how FaQtor Test (TM), our proven testing methodology, can help you optimize your direct response campaign performance and direct mail marketing costs. FaQtor Test is a faster and more affordable way to test your targeting, messaging, offer, and channel strategy. This means you can attract more customers and achieve a better ROI without straining your budget.
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We've tested over one million unique target audience, offer, and creative combinations, so we know what works and what doesn't.
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We'll help you optimize your campaigns and reach your customers 400% faster than A/B testing.
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