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The ultimate direct mail marketing guide

With so many strategies for entering the mail channel and high stakes for success, building a predictable and profitable direct mail marketing program can feel overwhelming for even the most robust marketing teams. In this FREE e-book, Direct Mail 101: How to Grow and Scale with Direct Mail, you will find 7 short how-to guides to help you build a targeted and valuable program. You will also discover best practices and checklists to get you started, as well as insightful case studies from the channel’s top performers.
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Learn how to reach, convert, and retain your best audience

Direct mail allows you to connect with and convert your top audiences throughout their customer journey. The guides in this free e-book will explain how direct marketers can develop a flexible direct mail program to find, acquire, and retain your best customers. You will learn:

  • How to position your direct mail marketing program for success
  • How to identify your best audience
  • How to design creative packages that sell
  • How to protect your ROI
  • How to boost your direct mail results
  • How to track success
  • Plus, get a close look at 3 brands who are using direct mail to generate leads, increase sales, and boost customer LTV

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Learn from the direct mail channel’s top performers:

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Fintech brand - Innovative data model beats existing control and boosts sales by 133%
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Insurance brand - Lead generation campaign yields thousands of new leads and hundreds of new policies
Specialty insurer - Flexible retargeting program multiples customer LTV by 8x and increases revenue per policy by 21%
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A cheaper, less risky way to test this proven growth channel

Our proprietary FaQtor Test™ rapidly uncovers hidden performance insights to save you money and grow your business faster. You’ll increase your odds of success by 400% compared with A/B testing, allowing you to scale your campaign ASAP.
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