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Reaching your maximum scale potential requires direct marketing strategies built specifically for your target audience. That’s what SeQuel does for you. Whether you want to test the direct mail channel, get out of a campaign slump, or align your mail and digital efforts, we have the proven testing and targeting methodologies that will maximize your growth ASAP.

Direct marketing strategies for exponential growth

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Client Testimonial:

"SeQuel opened the door to an entirely new revenue channel for us and held our hand through every step of that journey—they’re truly an extension of our internal marketing team. Thanks to SeQuel’s proven direct mail strategies and insights, our brand is enjoying explosive growth. SeQuel’s performance and service model are the gold standard, and SeQuel is now the benchmark by which all of our current and prospective agency partners are measured."
- Grant, Chief Marketing Officer, SeQuel Client

Client Testimonial:

"SeQuel helped us launch direct mail from zero to a major revenue channel in a matter of months. Their expertise has been invaluable, from data to production to creative. They are a pleasure to work with, they work hard for us, and we trust them wholeheartedly with our business."
- Alex, Director of Growth Marketing, SeQuel Client

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