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Direct response just got smarter

At SeQuel, full service really means full service. From solo and shared mail programs to digital and trigger-based campaigns, we deliver turnkey direct response strategies using proprietary targeting, testing and reporting methods to ensure fast-growing DTC brands have everything they need to keep scaling. We have the experts and tools to handle your whole mail or digital campaign from conception and targeting to execution and analysis. Our integrated direct mail and digital campaign strategies deliver sequenced offline and online touchpoints to prospects with the highest propensity to purchase your products and services.

The result: more customers, better ROI, and growth projections that will make you wonder what you did before you met us. Our direct response agency is ready to show you what your business is capable of.

Interested but not quite ready to commit? Download our New Client Campaign SeQuence to learn more about SeQuel’s client onboarding process, and how our team will partner with you for a seamless and successful campaign launch.

FaQtor Test™: Smarter testing, faster growth

You need results. And you need them fast. The problem with traditional testing methods is they're too expensive and/or too slow. Our proven testing methodology delivers data-driven performance projections to quickly and cost-effectively identify the winning combinations that will help you grow faster. Here's how we do it:
Watch the FaQtor difference
Fractional Factorial - Circle Icon
Fractional factorial design - Our FaQtor Test combines the best of A/B and multivariate testing with none of their downsides to give you fast results for less.
Strategic Matrix - Circle Icon
Strategic matrix - We structure every FaQtor Test by strategically choosing the best creative/offer/list combinations to test at sample volumes based on your market and your budget.
Analyze & Predict - Circle Icon
Analyze and predict - Our analysts extrapolate the relative impact of each variable to accurately predict how every possible combination would fare against the control.
The result? In a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost you get accurate results that will guide your next campaign and help you acquire more customers.
Matching Customers

Unlocking your best (and biggest) audiences with data

In short, your campaign lives and dies by the data that drives it. And the margin for error is thin. At SeQuel, we rely on data science and preach the need for real-world competition. With a strategic selection of client data, we build predictive models based on several data sets, and we do so with several data partners. The result is a symphony of unique models and lists that drives optimization and scale.

Your data is safe with SeQuel

We understand data privacy and customer file confidentiality is a top priority for your business, it is for us, too. After an extensive third-party audit, SeQuel’s data-security processes and procedures were awarded industry-leading AICPA SOC2 Type II certification. Conducted annually, this certification ensures the security of our customer and consumer data controls, as well as the security practices of our third-party vendors.

SeQuel’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance

In addition to our SOC2 Type II certification, SeQuel Response has proudly earned the official HIPAA Seal of Compliance and is able to deliver direct marketing services to HIPAA regulated organizations in accordance with the HIPAA requirements governing the security, privacy and integrity of PHI data. Issued by The Compliancy Group, the HIPAA Seal of Compliance is the health care industry’s third-party HIPAA verification. The Compliancy Group has validated SeQuel’s good faith efforts to achieve compliance using their proprietary tracking solution, The Guard.

HIPAA Seal of Compliance

The proof is in the results

One thing is consistent about every client we work with: they all achieve fast growth that exceeds their expectations. By constantly discovering new ways to make campaigns more profitable, we help our clients add to their bottom line and scale at the right pace for their organization.

Are you ready to accelerate your growth? Contact us today to see how we can shatter your expectations.

Mail & digital, together at last

If you’re debating between direct mail and digital marketing, you’re thinking about it the wrong way. You need to reach your prospects with the right media, at the right time, and with the right message. Choosing one touchpoint puts you at an immediate disadvantage. And while getting your direct mail and digital campaigns to work together might seem like a challenge, the answer is integrated campaigns that deliver exponential growth.

As one of the only agencies with extensive direct mail and digital expertise under one roof, we know how to bring your offline and online campaigns together for better customer acquisition. With SeQuel Surround, we connect your direct mail campaigns to the right digital channels to ensure you stay in front of your potential customers. By delivering a strategic sequence of messages through mail, display, native, video, CTV, OTT, audio, and other tactics, we push those potential customers to action. If you’re already investing in search and social campaigns, our digital advertising experts can provide a free audit to help improve your ROI.