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Take Your Direct Mail to the Next Level

Direct mail marketing has proven its worth, with 35% of marketers utilizing this powerful channel to reach their audience. Yet, industry disruptors have pushed marketers to acquire and retain customers, with less. Inside this FREE e-book, you’ll find the key components of direct mail optimization, plus actionable strategies to optimize your data, expand your reach, and foster recurring engagement to revolutionize your direct mail approach.
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The Path to Optimization is Within Sight

If you’re looking to scale your audience or modernize an existing program, the insights in this FREE e-book will help position your brand for performance, profitability, and scale in today’s dynamic marketing landscape. Download to discover:

  • Testing strategies for better performance
  • Data-driven targeting for scalable growth
  • Digital integration best practices to expand your reach
  • Lead, retention and winback techniques to drive recurring engagement
  • Plus, 5 case studies from today’s most successful mailers

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Scale Up Your Direct Mail Success

Home Services - Brand generates 54% more sales with revised campaign strategy
Home Warranty - Brand achieves 60% increase in sales rate with data-driven modeling
Specialty Insurer - Leverages direct mail retargeting for 8x increase in customer LTV
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Our proprietary FaQtor Test™ rapidly uncovers hidden performance insights to save you money and grow your business faster. You’ll increase your odds of success by 400% compared with A/B testing, allowing you to scale your campaign ASAP.
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About SeQuel Response

We are a multichannel customer-acquisition agency that gives direct-to-consumer brands a faster way to maximize growth and profitability. With decades of experience and an encyclopedic archive of test findings, we know what works—and what doesn’t—so you don’t have to waste time or money learning those same lessons.

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