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It’s no secret the direct marketing industry is competitive. As a DTC marketer, you know firsthand that having the right resources, strategy and partners can make or break your campaign. Below you’ll find our most valuable e-books, filled with FREE advice, best practices and the data-driven strategy behind direct mail programs that deliver winning results.

e-book Cover Image: Utilizing Direct Mail Creative to Alert and Convert

Utilizing Direct Mail Creative to Alert and Convert: Secrets from the Pros

Direct response and branding creative doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. You can create a favorable opportunity to gain brand recognition and increase sales, simultaneously. This e-book explores the relationship between branding and direct response, shares trade secrets and best practices from the industry’s best creatives, and provides valuable insights on how these two teams can work together to build a data-driven direct mail program destined for success.

The Growth Marketer’s Guide to Direct Mail

Learn how growing brands have leveraged the direct mail channel to reach thousands of prospective customers each month. In this e-book, we share 12 signs to determine if direct mail is right for your brand, unveil cost-effective testing strategies, and take a closer look at how two brands utilized this powerful acquisition tool to achieve tremendous growth.

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The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Integrated Direct Mail

Direct mail is tried and true as a performing and measurable form of direct marketing for DTC marketers, yet digitally grown brands are uncertain how to be leverage the offline channel for brand growth. In this e-book, we examine direct mail’s winning attributes and disclose best practices for developing an omnichannel strategy built for profitable growth and staggering scalability.

PrediQtor ebook

Leveraging Customer Data for Direct Mail Success

In this free e-book, you will learn how to unlock the power of direct mail’s secret weapon: offline data. We break down the elements of prospect modeling success, share list building best practices, and uncover strategies that will help your brand optimize your direct mail program, faster. Plus, we reveal how a unique approach to modeling increased a brand’s sales by 133%!

9 Testing Mistakes eBook image

9 Testing Mistakes Direct Mail Marketers Make

Whether you are a direct mail pro or novice, the ability to demonstrate each channel’s performance in your direct marketing strategy is critical. This e-book will help you identify and crush nine of the most overlooked — yet avoidable — direct mail testing mistakes to maximize your direct mail ROI quickly and efficiently.