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The Challenge

A top-ranked meal delivery company suffered a significant dip in digital leads costing them precious sales. The brand had already tried shared mail and was seeking a fresh approach to their direct marketing strategy.

How We Helped

First, SeQuel launched the client into the solo direct mail arena, undergoing several creative, offer and list tests within a two-month period. After experiencing staggering success in the mail channel, the client then leveraged SeQuel Surround to integrate a digital campaign targeted at Facebook and email. The multichannel strategy catapulted sales even further, priming the client for recurring monthly mailings, ongoing digital campaigns and ultimately, continual growth.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"SeQuel has demystified direct mail for our company and has turned a channel that we’d unsuccessfully tested in the past into a growth channel that’s unrivaled by any other single channel. Direct mail is now the centerpiece of our integrated marketing strategy"
- Wes, Chief Marketing Officer, SeQuel Client
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increase in YOY sales postrollout of DM
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increase in mail volume since launching 10 months ago