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The Challenge

This identity theft protection service advertised heavily across broadcast channels, but had never tried direct marketing and feared it was missing out on a potent sales driver.

How We Helped

SeQuel built a comprehensive FaQtor Test matrix that included various offers, creative concepts and lists files to generate hundreds of indexed data cells. Proving itself as a scalable and profitable channel, direct mail has taken it’s seat as one of two top conversion channels for the client.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"The team at SeQuel is incredible—irreplaceable to the nth degree. They have a customer-centric focus, which is very apparent in all of the work that they do. Their willingness to be flexible—nothing could stand in their way. I couldn’t have done my job to the same level of expertise and success without that team behind me."
- Annabel, SeQuel Client
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Direct mail has sourced over 2 million new members
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More than $500 million in direct mail driven revenue
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