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The Challenge

An ecommerce meat and seafood delivery brand was eager to revive direct mail program performance with a new strategy.

How We Helped

SeQuel’s proven experience with scaling ecommerce brands in the channel with a data-driven philosophy proved to be exactly what the brand was looking for in its new partner. SeQuel relaunched the protein delivery brand into mailboxes with a strategic testing approach inclusive of two creatives, a new offer, and seven new mailing lists. SeQuel's integrated direct mail and digital campaign drove more than $7MM in revenue, converted over 10K customers, and produced a $28 ROAS. Impressed with campaign results, the brand enthusiastically increased mail volumes for subsequent campaigns.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"This campaign is another example of how SeQuel’s test methodology can take an established mail program to the next level. We were able to test in a cost-effective manner, and it yielded invaluable learnings for this leading client. The wins from this campaign have reset the baseline for mail performance and will serve as the catalyst for future scale and optimization."
- Preston Carroll, SeQuel Marketing Strategist
Hourglass Money
$ 0 MM
Campaign drove more than $7MM in revenue
Ecommerce Growth
0 k+ customers
Mailing acquired over 10k customers
Marketing Funnel
$ 0  ROAS
Program produced a ROAS of $28