Direct Mail Research: Signed, Sealed and Still Delivering Results

2022 Direct Mail Annual Report

New direct mail research commissioned by SeQuel Response and conducted by NACPO Research, shows 86% of marketers have increased or maintained direct mail use in the last twelve months.

The industry report titled, Direct Mail: Signed, Sealed, and Still Delivering Results, surveyed B2B and B2C marketing leaders from nine industries to gain insights into how today’s brands are using direct mail, channel performance, digital integration strategies, and challenges. 

The direct mail channel has been on a steady rebound since the initial plunge of 2020 as volumes routinely increase and consumer adoration for print remains. Additional key findings from the report show that although brands will maintain digital marketing investments, the longevity and sustainability of direct mail continues to rank it among the top channels in current and future marketing strategies.

  • 97% of respondents report steady direct mail performance.
  • 90% or more have integrated or plan to integrate digital marketing channels in their direct mail strategy.
  • Over half of respondents entered the mail channel to escape the rising CAC costs of digital channels.
  • Reaching audiences due to increased data security regulations for offline data/modeling data is a top concern for marketers.

The research also features interviews with data security and paper industry experts, discussing current market trends and 2023 predictions, as well as consumer data around direct mail engagement.

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