12 Direct Mail Statistics to Convince You Mail Still Works

direct mail statistics

“Direct mail is old-school, not used anymore, doesn’t work, too expensive…” we have heard it all. But here’s a little secret: all those beliefs are just myths. Here are 12 of our favorite direct mail statistics that will convince you physical mail can still shine in today’s digital haze.

How effective is direct mail marketing?

Consumers respond to mail because our brains simply cannot resist. Check out these consumer engagement statistics which prove the effectiveness of direct mail.

  • 88% of millennials regularly read their mail, and 40% regularly purchase items featured in mail ads (USPS)
  • 56% of consumers of all generations have made purchases because of the mail they received (NAPCO Research)
  • 56% of consumers tried a new business after receiving marketing mail (USPS)
  • 41% of consumers look forward to checking their mail everyday (Statista)

What is direct mail’s return on investment (ROI)?

Marketers may believe direct mail is expensive to execute when in fact it is quite profitable. Mail by itself or combined with digital channels can produce a healthy ROI.

  • Direct mail ROI has surpassed digital mediums with an average ROI of 112% (ANA)
  • Marketers saw their ROI increase by 60% when combining direct mail with digital channels (USPS)
  • Using direct mail and digital channels together increased website visits by 68%, increased response rates by 63%, and resulted in a 40% conversion rate (USPS)

Who uses direct mail marketing?

If you believe direct mail is outdated or unused, think again. In 2021, direct mail volumes surpassed pre-pandemic levels. If you have not mailed yet, now is a great time to enter the channel and join the growing group of modern mailers.

  • Direct mail volume grew by 4.7% year-over-year in 2021 (Marketing Charts)
  • In 2020, 38% of marketers used direct mail in their marketing efforts (ANA)
  • 80% of marketers are coordinating campaigns to drive traffic from direct mail to digital channels (USPS)
  • 2021 direct mail marketing budgets increased an average of 191% from 2020 (NAPCO Research)

Did these direct mail statistics turn you into a believer? Incorporating direct mail into your marketing strategy is a great way to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

If you’re ready to cut through the digital noise, contact a SeQuel marketing strategist to get started.

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