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The Challenge

When programmatic digital advertising and podcast conversions ran stale, this alternative investment platform went offline to grow its investor base and produce a higher number of leads and memberships.

How We Helped

Since the brand was new to the direct mail channel, SeQuel worked diligently to build 20 unique data models and an engaging letter package. After debuting with 120k modeled records and 50k leads, the initial campaign finished with a CPA that was 83% below the target. Excited about the potential growth opportunities in this new channel, the client promptly scheduled future campaigns and increased mail volumes. A strategic testing approach for following campaigns continued to deliver affordable CPAs and performing creative packages.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"As their campaign evolved, we collaborated closely with the client to roll out new data sources and creative packages. Despite being new to the channel, the confidence and cooperation that drove this alliance propelled the ambition to scale."
- Ryan Wilder, Senior Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response
0 x increase
Mail volume increased 7x following launch
Paid Per Click Blue Circles
0 % CPA achieved
80% of data models met/exceeded CPA goals
Marketing Funnel
0 % increase
Prospect sales rate increased by 10%