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The Challenge

A fast-growing home security company approached SeQuel to launch its direct marketing program with goals of generating six-figure annual sales.

How We Helped

In a three-month test period, SeQuel tested five different models, 16 affinity files, three offers and three unique creative concepts, generating 189 indexed test cells. Within a year of launching into direct mail, the client reached their sales goal and increased mailing volumes.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"SeQuel helped us launch direct mail from zero to a major revenue channel in a matter of months. Their expertise has been invaluable, from data to production to creative. They are a pleasure to work with, they work hard for us, and we trust them wholeheartedly with our business."
- Alex, Director of Growth Marketing, SeQuel Client
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Direct mail sourced 100,000+ new customers annually
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Direct mail volume increased by 173%
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Direct mail represents 25% of annual sales