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The Challenge

A leading specialty insurer was looking to grow its direct-to-consumer business via the most fruitful digital marketing channels in the industry — paid and organic search. The insurer had been working with a vertically specialized agency that had struggled to make any headway in non-branded paid search.

How We Helped

The brand's search for a new agency came down to SeQuel and one other finalist, and after designing a multi-year paid and organic search growth plan, SeQuel was awarded the business. In the first nine months of the campaign, the brand enjoyed year-over-year performance boosts despite using a budget consistent with prior efforts. Both branded and non-branded performance skyrocketed, increasing overall transactions and e-commerce conversion rates by 80%. Non-branded specific performance improved by 100+%.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"In this industry, it’s absolutely critical that you effectively capitalize on non-branded search traffic. After just nine months of observing the campaign’s performance, the client has already decided to double its paid search budget for the next calendar year."
- Chris Hofmann, SeQuel’s VP of Digital Services
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