Why Brands Choose SeQuel Response as Their Preferred Direct Marketing Partner

Looking for a best-in-class direct mail partner to help you achieve unparalleled results? Your search ends here. At SeQuel Response, our dedication to delivering success has earned us a reputation as one of the most preferred direct marketing partners.

How do we do it? By combining data science with a deep understanding of direct response best practices and the right amount of creativity, we develop winning strategies that reach and convert your unique audience. Whether your campaigns are stuck, you want to get your offline and online campaigns in sync, or you’re thinking about trying direct mail for the first time, we’re here to outperform your expectations.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading to discover why SeQuel clients choose to work with us time and time again.

Full service means full service

When it comes to direct mail marketing, SeQuel Response is as full-service as it gets. We’re not just another automation platform or AI robot. We’re real people with real expertise in the industry, and we’re dedicated to helping you take your business to the next level as your preferred direct marketing partner.

Whether you need help building a campaign from scratch or are looking to optimize performance for an existing one, we have the expertise and tools to guide you every step of the way. Our team of experienced professionals is here to lead you through the process, using our proprietary targeting, testing, and reporting methods to ensure your brand grows quickly and consistently.

If you’re looking for a strategically developed direct mail marketing campaign to help your business grow, you’ve come to the right place. Your hand-picked client service team will handle everything from conception and targeting to execution and analysis so you can focus on what you do best — running your business. Whether it’s a solo or shared mail program or a digital campaign, we truly believe that our value is unmatched compared to agencies in the industry. Just check out our results.


Response is in our name for a reason

The word “Response” has a few meanings to us. First, we strongly believe in the effectiveness of direct response as a marketing strategy to boost sales growth and reach your best audience. By partnering with us, you can quickly and cost-effectively leverage this strategy to achieve quality prospect conversions and long-term retention.

Our mission is to help you achieve growth through driving response, and you can count on your client team to be highly responsive to your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and responsiveness is one of our core values at SeQuel. We recognize the importance of urgency and tailored responses to meet your campaign requirements and unique business goals.

You’ll also find transparency and accountability woven into the fabric of our campaign plans and performance reporting. For many digital-first brands, the investment in a custom direct mail program can feel high. We’re committed to providing you with an honest, upfront budget and performance expectations so you can choose an invaluable partner for your brand.

Data guides our decision

Achieving more significant results requires sharper targeting. When we asked marketers to identify their future direct mail concerns, 78% said, “Reaching my audience due to increased data security regulations for offline data/modeling data.” Our in-house data team and data-driven predictive modeling process ensure your mail reaches the right people, at the right time, on the right channel.

What’s our secret sauce? Every successful direct mail program is built on a unique formula. Our proprietary FaQtor Test methodology serves as a blueprint for defining, refining, and elevating your campaigns for better performance. It’s an innovative approach to testing that can help you efficiently crack the code on your best mail campaigns to give your brand the winning edge.

Specifically, our team uses this cutting-edge approach to find your ideal customer and determine the perfect audience, creative strategy, mailing frequency, and digital integration to generate the best response rates. Once we’ve found your perfect mix, we’re careful to avoid wasted spend and eliminate unnecessary costs by using advanced data hygiene and production practices.

Innovative design for unforgettable mail

Designing creative direct mail that drives conversion is both a top priority and a struggle for direct marketers worldwide. According to Celtra research, more than 80% of respondents trust a brand with well-designed advertisements. If your goal is a profitable campaign, don’t just settle for a generic design or low-quality postcard. Today’s fiercely competitive market requires a creative strategy fueled by an experienced team of direct response designers and copywriters.

That’s where we come in. Our seasoned designers, writers, and offer strategists bring a wealth of knowledge to every campaign, with a clear focus on generating maximum response rates and unparalleled success. We aim to stay ahead of industry trends and produce captivating visuals and compelling copy that make your brand unforgettable.

Additionally, navigating creative and design elements, postal regulations, and printing and production processes is easier with an experienced partner at your side. Our team will guide you through choosing the best format and delivery method for your message, whether it’s solo mail, shared mail, or both.

Where multichannel marketing finds its full potential

Your customers don’t operate in channel restraints, and neither do we.

According to USPS, integrating direct mail with digital channels has resulted in an average return on investment increase of 60%. That’s why our dedicated in-house digital team is ready to help you take your shared and solo direct mail campaigns to the next level by seamlessly integrating direct mail with your digital marketing strategy.

With SeQuel Surround, integration is easy. Our experienced team of digital marketers will activate your mail list models online to reach your best prospects with relevant and timely digital touchpoints (display, native, web, CTA, audio, etc.) concentrated around your mail’s in-home window. The result is more than a 40% lift in conversion rates and CPA reductions, versus direct mail alone.

If the mailbox isn’t in your budget right now, consider our digital-only solutions. You can opt for ProspeQtor, an affordable and dynamic multichannel prospecting strategy that utilizes offline data, predictive modeling, and comprehensive testing to facilitate multichannel digital campaigns. With this approach, you can target and acquire digital prospects at scale while reducing CPL and CPAs by more than 25%. We recommend this for clients who are struggling to reach their prospects online, or those looking to test direct mail audiences in an online environment. 

Our track record is a testament to our expertise

With so many agencies to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to find your preferred direct marketing partner. At SeQuel Response, we believe results speak louder than words. We consistently generate impressive conversion rates, sky-high engagement, and substantial revenue increases for our clients across various industries.

Our success stories are proof of our unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding value and driving businesses toward greater heights. By selecting SeQuel as your direct marketing partner, you can experience the same exceptional results as countless clients from a diverse group of brands. So, if you’re looking for a direct marketing agency you can trust, we’re here to help. And when you work with SeQuel, you’ll know exactly who we are — and who we’re not.

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