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The Challenge

A reputable home warranty brand was eager to determine if other marketing channels could acquire customers at a comparable scale and cost-per-lead (CPL) as direct mail.

How We Helped

Since the client had a strong history of using prospect data models, SeQuel recommended a digital strategy that makes use of offline data. SeQuel’s creative team adapted pre-existing client materials to create fresh, compelling ads that would work across all digital platforms. High-affinity prospects were shown programmatic digital advertisements, including display, native, audio, web video, and CTV. Using the ProspeQtor methodology, 382k unique prospects were served ads during the launch, averaging 5.2 impressions per individual. Audio, display, and native channels had the highest response rates, and the CPL and CPAs were below client expectations.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Finding new ways to grow our client’s programs is so vital. From that standpoint, it’s exciting to see the test results validate our hypothesis, specifically that brands can find success in digital channels by marrying high affinity prospect data with engaging digital creative. This example provides a springboard to go deeper into our prospect models, at an acceptable CPL, and grow the customer file using a portfolio of addressable marketing channels."
- Angelo Licursi, Senior Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response
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0 % CPL reduction
ProspeQtor campaign reduced CPL by 42%
Colorful People
0 MM+ impressions
2MM+ impressions served to 382K unique prospects
Money Percentage Cut
0 % CPA decrease
ProspeQtor campaign lowered CPAs by 26%