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The Challenge

When digital growth began to flatline, this app-based brand sought to diversify its marketing mix by testing offline acquisition channels including direct mail and TV.

How We Helped

New to the mail channel, the brand’s internal creative team worked closely with the SeQuel design team to develop a creative concept that was not only on brand, but incorporated direct response strategies proven to drive conversions. The direct mail launch included two custom build prospect models and a leads list, with the integration of a SeQuel Surround Facebook burst. Thrilled with the results from the initial test and enthusiastic about the growth opportunities in this new channel, the brand promptly scheduled future campaigns and increased mail volumes.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"SeQuel has been a great partner in guiding our brand to success in the direct mail channel. Their team is welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable. In the short time we’ve been working with SeQuel, we’ve already learned so much, and we are grateful for their investment in our success."
- Giulia, VP of Marketing
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Acquired more than 1,080 new customers
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Achieved a 1.45% response rate
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