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The Challenge

A personal loan and debt consolidation company faced challenges predicting in-home timing and results after relying on its own efforts to source direct mail data and print solutions.

How We Helped

Recognizing the need for improved data targeting and better control of the direct mail program, the brand turned to SeQuel. The fresh strategy involved testing two new data segments the client had not previously been mailing. The response rate of these incremental segments was 35% higher than the client’s typical control, unlocking strong performance overall. SeQuel also purposefully targeted prospects with various debt levels, a move that not only maximized enrollment, but also minimized the cost per dollar enrolled. This comprehensive approach, coupled with in-depth analysis, empowered the brand to make data-driven decisions moving forward—a significant shift from relying on gut feelings.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"At SeQuel, we don’t rely on luck; we rely on data. As the campaign’s quarterback, we provided expert targeting suggestions to boost the client’s response rate, maximize their budget, and ensure timely mail delivery. We dedicated our time to truly understanding the space so we can pave the way for more SeQuel clients to thrive within it."
- Ryan Wilder, Sr. Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response
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Response rate was 35% higher than the client’s typical control segment
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Conversion rate for prospects with $30,000-$49,999 in total unsecured debt was 11.43%
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Over 70% of new enrollments of >$30k in debt were funded