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The Challenge

A leading financial services brand was looking to integrate previously siloed online and offline strategies to create a coordinated, targeted, and profitable program. The brand was struggling to reach relevant prospects with their existing standalone digital campaigns due to the limited data variables available during audience selection.

How We Helped

Since direct mail had already proven itself as an effective channel for the brand, SeQuel activated the prospect mailing models online to serve the digital audience targeted, simultaneous pre-roll video and CTV|OTT advertisements. Initiating SeQuel Surround allowed the brand to use video segments to maximize audience reach and increase campaign effectiveness. The matchback process identified sales that were otherwise invisible in standard digital reporting, uncovering attributable performance and profitability from the integrated direct mail and video campaigns.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"In today’s noisy media environment, impacting consumer behavior requires amplification and synchronization of brand impressions and messages. SeQuel Surround delivers that across offline and online channels in a measurable way."
- Chris Hofmann, SeQuel’s VP of Digital Services
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0 % sales rate lift
Increased sales rates by 23%
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Reduced CPA by 12%
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Generated a 36% increase in revenue