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The Challenge

A premier subscription box service offering full-size lifestyle products was investing heavily in digital channels and influencer marketing, but was looking for added scale and channel diversity.

How We Helped

SeQuel launched the client into direct mail with an initial 100,000-piece “gut check,” testing three models, one offer and one creative concept. After a successful launch into the channel, the subsequent campaign volume has increased by 7x, attracted thousands of new customers, and established a consistent CPA under $100.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Testing the direct mail channel is far more affordable than most marketers think, and for this brand, that meant almost 1,000 new customers. The introduction of direct mail elevated this digitally-grown brand’s acquisition strategy with a profitable offline program known to provide predictable, incremental customers at scale, and well within budget."
- Ryan Wilder, SeQuel’s Sr. Marketing Strategist
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Initial mailing yielded an overall CPA of just $57
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0 k new customers
Initial mailing attracted nearly 1,000 new subscriptions
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Sales rate achieved in initial mailing