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The Challenge

This fast-growing meal-kit delivery service had optimized its digital, TV and radio advertising, and wanted to test direct mail as a scaling opportunity.

How We Helped

SeQuel developed a FaQtor Test matrix that included four creative concepts, seven data models, 10 vertical files and five offers over a three-month test phase. The creative concepts leveraged integrated branding and imagery to align with the client’s existing TV spots. In just 30 days, the campaign was cash positive and producing a rising sales rate.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Even if you already have excellent brand recognition and a robust presence in digital and broadcast media, adding a sophisticated direct mail program will complement and augment your growth in those other channels. And even if you don’t embrace direct mail until late in the game, it still has the ability to provide staggering levels of incremental sales that you would have otherwise forgone."
- James Fussy, SeQuel's VP of Data & Analytics
Ecommerce Growth
0 % sales rate
Overall sales rate is exceeding .7%
Marketing Funnel
0 k new customers
Acquired 13,000+ new customers in the first test
Multi Testing Victor
$ 0  CPA
Best test cell achieved a CPA of $64