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The Challenge

Digital and social advertising were valuable acquisition channels for this direct-to-consumer skincare provider, but they wanted to expand their direct marketing strategy for increased growth and scale.

How We Helped

SeQuel’s proven experience in the DTC market gave the client confidence to test direct mail as an acquisition tool. The initial “gut check” test matrix included one creative, one offer and five lists — the majority of which were models created using the brand’s highest LTV customers. After just 60 days, the client saw viability in the channel and increased their volume for an equally successful second campaign.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"The robust modeling, targeting and creative strategy we’ve employed has helped this leading skincare provider add a bankable offline channel to their fold of acquisition tactics. Through our partnership, we’ve been able to improve upon prior performance while scaling the program — and we’ve only just scratched the surface of opportunity."
- Preston Carroll, Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response
Analytics Data Paper
0 % win
Beat ROAS goal by 123%
Ecommerce Growth
0 k+ new customers
Direct mail has acquired more than 2k unique customers
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$ 0  CPA
Achieved CPA as low as $21