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The Challenge

An established brand in the home warranty space had already experienced success with direct mail and wanted to elevate its mature program to new levels of growth.

How We Helped

To continue to scale those wins, SeQuel concentrated on routine data and format testing. A review of data suppression strategies identified 15% more records from the brand’s strongest prospect sources. SeQuel also tested a new creative format for this audience, which was more efficient to produce and mail than the control. The new data and creative strategy expanded audience reach, boosted program performance, and protected customer acquisition costs for this evergreen program.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Regular testing is a direct mail best practice. Bringing formerly suppressed prospects back in the mix can be like adding a new winning test list for brands with legacy direct mail programs. For this client, this strategy found great performance gains."
- Angelo Licursi, Senior Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response
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