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The Challenge

Looking for scale in a highly competitive market, this national insurer was in search of a new channel to gain brand recognition and drive sales leads.

How We Helped

Although active in other direct marketing and brand awareness strategies, the insurer had yet to invest in a direct mail campaign. To establish a program baseline, SeQuel utilized a broad testing approach which included data modeling and prospect segmentation, digital integration, several creative packages, and a holdout strategy to gauge incrementality. Through this data-driven approach, SeQuel was able to quickly identify winning combinations and leverage learnings to optimize future campaigns. The program launch yielded a 1.85% leads rate, proving the validity of the direct mail channel and positioning the brand for continued growth.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"We worked closely with this brand to develop a highly targeted campaign to test the effectiveness of the channel and drive as many learnings as possible. This strategy resulted in a strong influx of new leads and policies well within the brand’s goals for the channel, fueling continued program scale and optimization."
- Ryan Wilder, SeQuel’s Sr. Marketing Strategist
Direct Mail Design
<$ 0  cost per lead
All creative concepts had a cost per lead of less than $35
Marketing Funnel
0 + new leads
Mail campaign generated more than 4,860 new leads
New Customers Impressions Red Bubbles
0 + policies
Insurer gained over 400 new policies with direct mail