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The Challenge

After previous mail strategies missed the mark on CPA and performance, a Medicare insurance provider turned to SeQuel for a fresh approach.

How We Helped

A detailed data review revealed audience age inaccuracies, jeopardizing the relevancy of the mailer to prospects and impacting program success. SeQuel’s team scrubbed the data and built accurate prospect models. The mailing cadence was also tested to determine when and how many times each record should be sent for best response. This optimized approach has saved the provider hundreds of thousands of dollars, reduced cost per acquisition, and boosted program performance from 100 sales each month to several hundred.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"SeQuel is the gold standard for agency partners and is truly an extension of our marketing department."
- Chief Marketing Officer, SeQuel Client
New Customers Impressions Red Bubbles
0 k+ leads generated
More than 50k leads generated in one year
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0 % sales increase
Program's sales rate increased by 22%
Hourglass Money
0 % CPA decrease
Campaign CPA decreased by 12%