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The Challenge

This travel insurer’s direct mail packages required fresh and engaging creative to keep direct mail positioned as the organization’s primary lead generation channel.

How We Helped

SeQuel developed and implemented a disciplined approach to creative testing in which new concepts are tested and backtested on a consistent schedule. Although the insurer had an in-house marketing team, they trusted SeQuel to utilize their direct response expertise to design compelling and potent creative within brand guidelines. This approach has successfully unseated existing controls in eight of ten sales curves, creating established and profitable acquisition, reacquisition and lead direct mail programs that consistently generate a double-digit increase in sales.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"We’ve worked closely with the client’s internal team to establish a flexible, collaborative and trusting creative environment. That partnership has empowered SeQuel to continually develop new, modern, customized concepts and result-driven mail packages."
- Tari Johnson, Creative Director, SeQuel Response
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0 % sales rate increase
Newest creative package beat existing control's sales rate by 13%
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0 % premiums increase
Direct mail-driven premiums have increased by 150% since launch
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0 % CPA reduction
Cumulative 45% reduction in CPA since launch