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The Challenge

A national not-for-profit organization wanted to expand their direct mail strategy to include a campaign focused on advancing newly-acquired and past donors to recurring, monthly supporters.

How We Helped

As an existing SeQuel client, the non-profit already had a performing donor acquisition campaign with creative controls. To establish a baseline performance on this campaign, SeQuel utilized the existing controls and sent monthly mailings to every donor group in the client’s database. SeQuel then leveraged the performance metrics to optimize the campaign with targeted messaging to the “best” donor groups month over month to attain a superior response rate of recurring donors.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"From offering data driven strategy to outstanding creatives, SeQuel is a large part of the reason for the success of our growing and effective direct mail program."
- Andrea, Director of Operations, SeQuel Client
Mail Growth
0 % response rate
Campaign produced an average response rate of 5.78%
Revenue Increase Arrow
$ 0 k
Direct mail campaign raised an average of $44k each month
Piggy Bank
$ 0 k
Campaign has raised a total of $528k for the non-profit