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The Challenge

A home services brand chose an alternate vendor, but later renewed its partnership with SeQuel after experiencing performance inefficiencies.

How We Helped

SeQuel was tasked with sourcing nearly one million records for a head-to-head test campaign against the existing vendor, which included SeQuel Surround’s digital campaign on all records. After analyzing performance, SeQuel’s data outperformed the other vendor’s by nearly 60%, and the proprietary digital integration resulted in an 80% lift over holdout. Recognizing the value of SeQuel’s excellent data and digital strategy, the brand not only returned its mail program to SeQuel’s management, but also anticipates expanding the partnership in the years ahead.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Everyone loves a good comeback story. And there’s nothing more affirming of the effectiveness of our direct response campaigns than when our established controls stand tall."
- Erik Koenig, President and Chief Strategist, SeQuel Response
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0 % win
SeQuel beat competitor’s sales rate by 58%
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SeQuel beat competitor’s CPA by 37%
Integrated Pull
0 % lift
SeQuel Surround provided 80% lift over holdout