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The Challenge

A leading home warranty provider was investing heavily in digital advertising channels but needed to quickly increase its acquisition numbers in order to meet aggressive growth goals.

How We Helped

The client had never tested direct mail and the marketing department had limited knowledge of the channel but agreed to run a small “gut-check” mailing to measure its viability as an acquisition tool. SeQuel tested two new models, one creative concept, and one offer in a modest initial test of just 100,000 pieces.

Chart With Pie
0 %
Overall sales rate of the initial test
Three New Customers Impressions
$ 0
Average CPA of the test
Piggy Bank
0 x
ROI of first test
Mail Growth
0 x
Increase in mail volume for the follow-up campaign
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"The gut check was a nice first step to prove that this product could grow rapidly in the mail, and it didn’t require much time, investment or risk for the brand. This effort is also proof that you can be profitable in an initial test, and even achieve an overall campaign CPA under $90—though the best test cell showed a CPA of about half that. Now, in the expanded follow-up test, it’s a matter of drilling down and analyzing which variables are having the greatest relative impact on performance, so that the client can optimize performance and scale ASAP."
- Ryan Wilder, SeQuel’s Sr. Marketing Strategist

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