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The Challenge

As part of an ongoing creative testing strategy, this insurer asked SeQuel to continue to test and back-test new concepts on a monthly basis.

How We Helped

Since taking over the program, SeQuel has tested a total of 50 unique acquisition concepts, successfully unseating control with a new package every 10 to 14 months.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Most direct marketing campaigns fail for one reason: they get tired. Marketers rely on control creatives with perhaps the occasional A/B test, and before you know it, fatigue has set in, and the campaign is in peril. We fight that complacency with a commitment to ongoing creative testing, even if we just beat the control last month, or if performance is already strong. Doing so has consistently delivered winners, enabling us to stay well ahead of any performance drop-off."
- Vicki Erickson, SeQuel's VP of Client Services
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