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The Challenge

Already mailing several million pieces each month, a budding fintech brand was in search of a new approach to creative to rejuvenate their existing direct mail strategy.

How We Helped

To identify the creative and offer combinations that would generate the best response, SeQuel leveraged the FaQtor Test methodology to amplify eight test cells into 48 cells’ worth of learnings. The FaQtor Test resulted in creative enhancements including simplified content and an interactive element. SeQuel’s new creative concept successfully unseated the brand’s long-standing control and produced a 27% lift in sales rate overall.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Since the campaign utilized the financial service provider’s audience list, the strong performance of this program can be credited to the enhanced creative and offer concept that emerged from SeQuel’s FaQtor Test indexing."
- Matthew Downey, VP of Business Development, SeQuel Response
Mail Growth
0 % increase
The best performing package produced a 27% lift in sales rate over control
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0 % increase
FaQtor Test indexing identified a cell that generated a 47% lift in conversions
Multi Testing Victor
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SeQuel's new creative concept unseated the existing, proven control