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The Challenge

After engaging in direct marketing for about a year, an international fraternal benefits organization had seen a 70% decline in enrollment rate and wanted to reach 100,000 new enrollments by year-end.

How We Helped

SeQuel built a matrix that tested two unique offers and three different creative concepts and also developed an email/postcard follow-up strategy. Even with 5% less mail volume than previous campaigns, this new strategy boosted memberships, decreased membership acquisition costs, and finished under budget.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Given some sizable performance goals, we were allowed to test rather broadly in our first campaign, and it paid significant dividends. Not only did we find a more effective creative and offer—the overall campaign nearly doubled the enrollment expectation set by prior efforts. This campaign breaks the mold a bit, in that the offer is free, but the audience is static. So it has been fun constantly tinkering with new offers and creative concepts to find effective ways to engage the audience."
- Jay Carroll, SeQuel’s Co-Founder & CEO
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