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The Challenge

A direct-to-consumer brand challenged SeQuel to optimize its direct mail acquisition program and stay net neutral in its annual budget.

How We Helped

SeQuel tested a new approach to prospect modeling to improve upon the program’s already strong sales rate and CPA. SeQuel leveraged its experience in the DTC space and transactional data to develop custom prospect models for the brand’s unique audience. To validate the new data set performance, SeQuel’s test strategy compared the new model solutions versus existing selects to identify the best prospects, then scaled the wins quickly to align with the brand’s budget year rollout. Initial testing proved very successful, and subsequent validations continued to prove SeQuel’s targeting strategy with confidence. New, more efficient format designs also led to cost savings without dropping-off in performance. The combination of better prospect data and streamlined print production resulted in a banner year with 2x sales and a 48% improvement in CPA.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"SeQuel’s unique approach to prospect modeling helped our business lower the historically high CACs for our direct mail program. Paired with cost-efficient print brokerage services, we have been able to almost double our sales this year with net neutral costs."
- Chief Marketing Officer, DTC Services
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sales increased by 94%
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CPA improved by 48%
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