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The Challenge

When budget constraints put direct mail on pause, a mobile bank service was in search of an affordable approach to targeting high-quality prospects.

How We Helped

SeQuel suggested a digital campaign test to engage an offline audience in a programmatic, open-web environment. Using the ProspeQtor targeting approach, display and web-video assets were served to 625,000 offline lookalike model records. To determine incrementality, a small portion of the audience was exposed to PSA advertising while the majority of the audience received the branded version. When compared to the holdout population who only saw the PSA, the branded digital ads provided a much higher sales rate and attracted close to 600 new users.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"By providing an opportunity to target an offline audience online, it became possible to perform a 1-1 match on the name/address of a buyer, rather than seeing a simple ‘number from a pixel fire’. In other words, we provided a better, custom audience to target along with a tighter means to measure performance."
- Preston Carroll, Marketing Strategist, SeQuel Response
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0  new users
ProspeQtor generated 562 new users at $41 CPA
Marketing Funnel
0 x higher sales rate
Branded outperformed holdout by 2.5x on sales rate
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$ 0  CPA
Achieved average incremental CPA of $57