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The Challenge

Although content with their existing digital marketing provider, an online food specialties brand sought further growth opportunities and increased performance. The brand agreed to participate in a digital audit sponsored by SeQuel. 

How We Helped

During the comprehensive audit, SeQuel uncovered multiple opportunities to improve their Google and Facebook digital marketing performance, prompting the brand to leave its incumbent agency and instead partner with SeQuel’s digital team. To meet the brand’s primary objective of e-commerce growth, SeQuel overhauled the Google campaign structure and launched a granular campaign that allowed for greater control and strategic bidding on new, value-generating keywords. This approach placed the brand’s ads in front of a fresh and highly relevant audience, driving explosive growth of online leads and corporate gifting business sales.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Ever since I started working with SeQuel, I’ve learned a great deal I never knew before about digital advertising. SeQuel took the reins, was able to help us tap into new markets, and spent our money efficiently and effectively. I have never felt more comfortable about where our ad dollars are going."
- Brandon, CEO, SeQuel Client
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$ 0 k new monthly sales
Monthly B2B sales have increased by more than $50k
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0 x ROAS
SeQuel's B2B and B2C digital campaigns are achieving 5x ROAS
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95% of B2B leads are attributable to SeQuel's digital campaigns