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The Challenge

A large medical alert provider’s direct mail strategy was standing still. The program’s low conversion rates and high CPA made them eager to challenge the status quo with a new direct marketing partner.

How We Helped

SeQuel’s first campaign introduced the client to FaQtor Test, a smarter testing methodology for direct mail. The subsequent campaign leveraged predictive modeling to target prospects that mirrored the client’s highest LTV customers. Among other wins, this polished approach resulted in a four-percent increase in sales rate.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"SeQuel has been instrumental in opening a new channel for us in direct mail. Where previous attempts have fallen short, SeQuel helped us define a test strategy, bring it to life, and outperform our acquisition expectations. The experience they bring is unmatched, and on top of that, they are a fabulous team to partner with."
- Meagan, Consumer Marketing Manager, SeQuel Client
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Beat CPA goal by 17.4%
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Mail volume doubled since first test