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The Challenge

After a successful launch into the mail channel, the client needed to test new customer models to ensure their campaign was optimized for scalable growth.

How We Helped

In order to identify the best performing audience, SeQuel conducted a comprehensive test of 20 different list sources comprised of four control models, three hotline files, twelve custom-built data models, and SeQuel’s own PrediQtor model. Leveraging a proprietary machine learning algorithm, the PrediQtor model dominated the competition, outperforming the control by 2x and validating itself as the client’s best and biggest target audience.

Revenue Increase Arrow
0 % increase
in sales rate using the PrediQtor model
Piggy Bank
0 % lower CPA
achieved with PrediQtor model compared to the next best list
Multi Testing Victor
# 0  performer
PrediQtor model was the top performer out of 20 list sources
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"The PrediQtor model is truly unique to the industry and our clients. We are able to evaluate and transform features from the original database to create new features based on our client’s specific customer characteristics. We also continuously test modeling algorithms and techniques to ensure we are optimized for speed and performance. This allows us to quickly update the model, mail and analyze, and positions our clients for speedy and profitable results."
- Wenqiuli Zhang, SeQuel's Director of Data Science