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The Challenge

A leading B2B brand was relying on digital marketing to reach small and medium-sized businesses, but was understandably experiencing scale limitations and was having difficulties identifying its ideal prospect in terms of industry, company size, and the recipient's job title.

How We Helped

SeQuel developed a modest 50,000-piece "gut check" direct mail test, which performed so well that the client decided to invest in a 500,000-piece back test consisting of seven creative concepts, three offers, two affinity files, an industry code file, and two custom models.

Mail Growth
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Increase in mail volume in the back test
Marketing Funnel
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Lead conversion rate increase in the back test
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New annual mailing frequency
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"This campaign proves how effective direct mail can be in B2B lead generation efforts. In the mail channel, the client has found a growth tool that reliably generates hundreds of new leads per mailing."
- Ryan Wilder, SeQuel’s Sr. Marketing Strategist

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