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The Challenge

Looking to grow, this home protection provider was eager to establish a significant DTC presence in the direct mail channel, and beyond.

How We Helped

SeQuel’s proven, data-driven approach to mail and digital marketing was exactly what they were looking for in their new direct response partner. Using the FaQtor Test methodology, SeQuel tested a myriad of creative, list and offer combinations to identify the winning combinations of a multi-million piece campaign for a fraction of the cost. To further enhance offline campaign performance, SeQuel Surround was activated to target prospects via email and Facebook before, during and after the direct mail in-home window. Compared to a holdout audience of prospects that only received direct mail, SeQuel’s multi-channel digital and direct mail strategy delivered an exceptional lift in campaign performance while significantly reducing CPAs, positioning the home protection provider for strong offline channel growth.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Advertising works best when you concentrate offline and online campaigns on prospects identified as having the highest propensity to purchase. That’s what SeQuel Surround does, and the results of this campaign amply illustrate the benefits of this approach."
- Chris Hofmann, VP of Digital Services, SeQuel Response
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0  combinations
FaQtor Test provided insight on 256 creative/list/offer combinations
Computer Floating Money
0 % increase
Sales rate jumped 120% with SeQuel Surround, over direct mail only
SeQuel Surround
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SeQuel Surround produced a 43% lower CPA than direct mail only