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The Challenge

After a successful launch into the mail channel, this meal delivery service was eager to maximize direct mail’s potential as a high-performing marketing channel.

How We Helped

SeQuel recommended merging the strengths of direct mail and digital advertising by reaching direct mail recipients through digital impressions before and during the mail delivery process via SeQuel Surround™. A holdout test provided a clear comparison between two audience segments, proving that branded direct mail along with branded digital content achieved notably higher conversion rates than branded direct mail and a PSA ad. By leveraging the combination of offline and online touchpoints, the client achieved increased brand exposure, reduced cost per acquisition (CPA), and improved conversion rates.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"Over the years, we have tested multiple channels, platforms, identity graphs, timings, creatives, in the quest to find the sweet spot of efficiency and impact with respect to direct mail and digital integration. SeQuel Surround is state of the art science and is now integral to all our client’s DM campaigns."
- Jake Bawolek, Marketing Technologist, SeQuel Response
Cross Web Platform
0 % lift
SeQuel Surround delivered an 83% lift in conversion rate vs. PSA
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0 % CPA reduction
CPA was 28% lower than mail-only average
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0 % increase
Sales rate was 38% higher than mail-only average