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The Challenge

Direct mail had already proven itself as an effective acquisition channel for this meal subscription provider, but the client was looking for additional opportunities to raise sales yet maintain CPAs.

How We Helped

After effectively launching the client into direct mail with a targeted program, SeQuel proposed a coordinated digital campaign to extend the life of the mail efforts by engaging with prospects across multiple channels. During the initial test, the client managed the digital strategy with results showing a modest lift. SeQuel then executed and managed the digital re-test, employing a strategic sequence of timely prospect touches based on the corresponding direct mail drop. SeQuel’s re-test effectively improved the stickiness of the direct mail campaign while preserving the campaign’s CPA targets.

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Campaign Testimonial:

"The powerful lookalike models the data science team at SeQuel builds for our direct mail clients is the driver of success in these campaigns. Activating these same data sets in digital channels as consumers are receiving direct mail in their homes elevates performance to a whole new level."
- Chris Hofmann, SeQuel’s VP of Digital Services
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0 % increase
Direct mail + email produced a 7% lift in sales rate over direct mail alone
Social Media
0 % increase
Direct mail + Facebook produced a 12% increase in sales rate over direct mail only
Mobile Envelope Integrated
0 % increase
Direct mail + email + Facebook produced a 21% sales rate lift over direct mail alone